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Consulting Assets is a clearing house for individual technical and management consultants and personnel in the petroleum and sustainable energy industries.

As contract consultant, mentoring or full-time personnel needs arise, Consulting Assets can provide the experience and talent to meet those needs.


The petroleum industry continues to experience major restructuring, with the principal drivers being, as ever, the commodity price of oil, growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns, and the transition to sustainable, renewable energy sources.

The most recent downturn forced the petroleum industry into a heavy reduction-in-force, much of it achieved by pushing the experienced end of the workforce into retirement. The industry has also endured the “Great Crew Change”, compounding an experience and skills shortage.


With oil prices for the time being more stable, operators find that they no longer have ready access to the experience required to execute new projects or evaluate potential acquisitions.


Frequently disinclined to meet the ongoing costs of hiring back experienced permanent staff, producers and service companies alike are hiring inexperienced personnel or  turning to contractors to fill immediate and medium term needs.

Furthermore, the transition to Sustainable Energy sources has provided additional pressure on the petroleum industry, while also providing opportunities for many of the skillsets acquired by personnel leaving this sector to be re-tooled to meet the growth needs of renewable energy sectors. 

Consulting Assets is well positioned across this new energy landscape to provide experienced technical and management personnel on a contract basis to our clients looking for access to experience without the costs, risks and liabilities associated with hiring or re-hiring full-time employees.  For our clients with full-time positions to fill, we maintain an extensive pool of candidates across the spectrum of disciplines and experience levels.

  • Reservoir Engineers

  • Drilling Engineers

  • Production Engineers

  • Pipeline Engineers

  • Subsea Engineers

  • Process Engineers

  • Geoscientists

  • Renewable Energy Specialists

  • Financial Specialists

  • Executives

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